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This table was put together by Milton Wolf.

Wolf’s Amnesia A transient selective loss of memory during an exam that prevents one from remembering the eponymically-named diseases discovered by old, dead doctors.


Addison’s Disease · primary adrenocortical deficiency
Addisonian Anemia · pernicious anemia (antibodies to intrinsic factor or parietal cells ® ¯IF ® ¯Vit B12 ® megaloblastic anemia)
Albright’s Syndrome · polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, precocious puberty, café au lait spots, short stature, young girls
Alport’s Syndrome · hereditary nephritis with nerve deafness
Alzheimer’s · progressive dementia
Argyll-Robertson Pupil · loss of light reflex constriction (contralateral or bilateral)

· "Prostitute’s Eye" - accommodates but does not react

· Pathognomonic for 3°Syphilis

Arnold-Chiari Malformation · cerebellar tonsil herniation
Barrett’s · columnar metaplasia of lower esophagus (­ risk of adenocarcinoma)
Bartter’s Syndrome · hyperreninemia
Becker’s Muscular Dystrophy · similar to Duchenne, but less severe (deficiency in dystrophin protein)
Bell’s Palsy · CNVII palsy (entire face; recall that UMN lesion only affects lower face)
Berger’s Disease · IgA nephropathy
Bernard-Soulier Disease · defect in platelet adhesion (abnormally large platelets & lack of platelet-surface glycoprotein)
Berry Aneurysm · circle of Willis (subarachnoid bleed)

· often associated with ADPKD

Bowen’s Disease · carcinoma in situ on shaft of penis (­ risk of visceral ca)
Briquet’s Syndrome · somatization disorder

· psychological: multiple physical complaints without physical pathology

Broca’s Aphasia · Motor Aphasia intact comprehension
Brown-Sequard · hemisection of cord (contralateral loss of pain & temp / ipsilateral loss of fine touch, UMN)
Bruton’s Disease · X-linked agammaglobinemia
Budd-Chiari · post-hepatic venous thrombosis
Buerger’s Disease · acute inflammation of small, medium arteries ® painful ischemia ® gangrene
Burkitt’s Lymphoma · small noncleaved cell lymphoma EBV

· 8:14 translocation

Caisson Disease · gas emboli
Chagas’ Disease · Trypansoma infection sleeping disease, cardiomegaly with apical atrophy, achlasia
Chediak-Higashi Disease · Phagocyte Deficiency: neutropenia, albinism, cranial & peripheral neuropathy

· repeated infections

Conn’s Syndrome · primary aldosteronism
Cori’s Disease · glycogen storage disease (debranching enzyme deficiency)
Creutzfeldt-Jakob · prion infection ® cerebellar & cerebral degeneration
Crigler-Najjar Syndrome · congenital hyperbilirubinemia (unconjugated)

· glucuronyl transferase deficiency

Crohn’s · IBD; ileocecum, transmural, skip lesions, lymphocytic infiltrate, granulomas

(contrast to UC: limited to colon, mucosa & submucosa, crypt abscesses, pseudopolyps, ­ colon cancer risk)

Curling’s Ulcer · acute gastric ulcer associated with severe burns
Cushing’s · Disease: hypercorticism 2° to ­ ACTH from pituitary (basophilic adenoma)

· Syndrome: hypercorticism of all other causes (1° adrenal or ectopic)

Cushing’s Ulcer · acute gastric ulcer associated with CNS trauma
de Quervain’s Thyroiditis · self-limiting focal destruction (subacute thyroiditis)
DiGeorge’s Syndrome · thymic hypoplasia ® T-cell deficiency

· hypoparathyroidism

Down’s Syndrome · trisomy 21 or translocation
Dressler’s Syndrome · Post-MI Fibrinous Pericarditis autoimmune
Dubin-Johnson Syndrome · congenital hyperbilirubinemia (conjugated)

· striking brown-to-black discoloration of the liver

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy · deficiency of dystrophin protein ® MD X-linked recessive
Edwards’ Syndrome · trisomy 18

· rocker-bottom feet, low ears, heart disease

Ehler’s-Danlos · defective collagen
Eisenmenger’s Complex · late cyanotic shunt (R®L) pulmonary HTN & RVH 2° to long-standing VSD, ASD, or PDA
Erb-Duchenne Palsy · trauma to superior trunk of brachial plexus Waiter’s Tip
Ewing Sarcoma · undifferentiated round cell tumor of bone
Eyrthroplasia of Queyrat · carcinoma in situ on glans penis
Fanconi’s Syndrome · impaired proximal tubular reabsorption 2° to lead poisoning or Tetracycline (glycosuria, hyperphosphaturia, aminoaciduria, systemic acidosis)
Felty’s Syndrome · rheumatoid arthritis, neutropenia, splenomegaly
Gardner’s Syndrome · adenomatous polyps of colon plus osteomas & soft tissue tumors
Gaucher’s Disease · Lysosomal Storage Disease glucocerebrosidase deficiency

· hepatosplenomegaly, femoral head & long bone erosion, anemia

Gilbert’s Syndrome · benign congenital hyperbilirubinemia (unconjugated)
Glanzmann's Thrombasthenia · defective glycoproteins on platelets
Goodpasture’s · autoimmune: ab’s to glomerular & alveolar basement membranes
Grave’s Disease · autoimmune hyperthyroidism (TSI)
Guillain-Barre · idiopathic polyneuritis (ascending muscle weakness & paralysis; usually self-limiting)
Hamman-Rich Syndrome · idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
Hand-Schuller-Christian · chronic progressive histiocytosis
Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis · autoimmune hypothyroidism
Hashitoxicosis · initial hyperthyroidism in Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis that precedes hypothyroidism
Henoch-Schonlein purpura · hypersensivity vasculitis

· hemmorhagic urticaria (with fever, arthralgias, GI & renal involvement)

· associated with upper respiratory infections

Hirschprung’s Disease · aganglionic megacolon
Horner’s Syndrome · ptosis, miosis, anhidrosis (lesion of cervical sympathetic nerves often 2° to a Pancoast tumor)
Huntington’s · progressive degeneration of caudate nucleus, putamen & frontal cortex; AD
Jacksonian Seizures · epileptic events originating in the primary motor cortex (area 4)
Job’s Syndrome · immune deficiency: neutrophils fail to respond to chemotactic stimuli
Kaposi Sarcoma · malignant vascular tumor (HHV8 in homosexual men)
Kartagener’s Syndrome · immotile cilia 2° to defective dynein arms infection, situs inversus, sterility
Kawasaki Disease · mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome (lips, oral mucosa)
Klinefelter’s Syndrome · 47, XXY
Kluver-Bucy · bilateral lesions of amygdala (hypersexuality; oral behavior)
Krukenberg Tumor · adenocarcinoma with signet-ring cells (typically originating from the stomach) metastases to the ovaries
Laennec’s Cirrhosis · alcoholic cirrhosis
Lesch-Nyhan · HGPRT deficiency

· gout, retardation, self-mutilation

Letterer-Siwe · acute disseminated Langerhans’ cell histiocytosis
Libman-Sacks · endocarditis with small vegetations on valve leaflets

· associated with SLE

Lou Gehrig’s · Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis degeneration of upper & lower motor neurons
Mallory-Weis Syndrome · bleeding from esophagogastric lacerations 2° to wretching (alcoholics)
Marfan’s · connective tissue defect
McArdle’s Disease · glycogen storage disease (muscle phosphorylase deficiency)
Meckel’s Diverticulum · rule of 2’s: 2 inches long, 2 feet from the ileocecum, in 2% of the population

· embryonic duct origin; may contain ectopic tissue (gastric, pancreatic, etc.)

Meig’s Syndrome · Triad: ovarian fibroma, ascites, hydrothorax
Menetrier’s Disease · giant hypertrophic gastritis (enlarged rugae; plasma protein loss)
Monckeberg’s Arteriosclerosis · calcification of the media (usually radial & ulnar aa.)
Munchausen Syndrome · factitious disorder (consciously creates symptoms, but doesn’t know why)
Nelson’s Syndrome · 1° Adrenal Cushings ® surgical removal of adrenals ® loss of negative feedback to pituitary ® Pituitary Adenoma
Niemann-Pick · Lysosomal Storage Disease sphingomyelinase deficiency

· "foamy histiocytes"

Osler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome · Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia
Paget’s Disease · abnormal bone architecture (thickened, numerous fractures ® pain)
Pancoast Tumor · bronchogenic tumor with superior sulcus involvement ® Horner’s Syndrome
Parkinson’s · dopamine depletion in nigrostriatal tracts
Peutz-Jegher’s Syndrome · melanin pigmentation of lips, mouth, hand, genitalia plus hamartomatous polyps of small intestine
Peyronie’s Disease · subcutaneous fibrosis of dorsum of penis
Pick’s Disease · progressive dementia similar to Alzheimer’s
Plummer’s Syndrome · hyperthyroidism, nodular goiter, absence of eye signs (Plummer’s = Grave’s - eye signs)
Plummer-Vinson · esophageal webs & iron-deficiency anemia, ­ SCCA of esophagus
Pompe’s Disease · glycogen storage disease ® cardiomegaly
Pott’s Disease · tuberculous osteomyelitis of the vertebrae
Potter’s Complex · renal agenesis ® oligohydramnios ® hypoplastic lungs, defects in extremities
Raynaud’s · Disease: recurrent vasospasm in extremities

· Phenomenon: 2° to underlying disease (SLE or scleroderma)

Reiter’s Syndrome · urethritis, conjunctivitis, arthritis non-infectious (but often follows infections), HLA-B27, polyarticular
Reye’s Syndrome · microvesicular fatty liver change & encephalopathy

· 2° to aspirin ingestion in children following viral illness

Riedel’s Thyroiditis · idiopathic fibrous replacement of thyroid
Rotor Syndrome · congenital hyperbilirubinemia (conjugated)

· similar to Dubin-Johnson, but no discoloration of the liver

Sezary Syndrome · leukemic form of cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (mycosis fungoides)
Shaver’s Disease · aluminum inhalation ® lung fibrosis
Sheehan’s Syndrome · postpartum pituitary necrosis
Shy-Drager · parkinsonism with autonomic dysfunction & orthostatic hypotension
Simmond’s Disease · pituitary cachexia
Sipple’s Syndrome · MEN type IIa (pheochromocytoma, thyroid medulla, parathyroid)
Sjogren’s Syndrome · triad: dry eyes, dry mouth, arthritis ­ risk of B-cell lymphoma
Spitz Nevus · juvenile melanoma (always benign)
Stein-Leventhal · polycystic ovary
Stevens-Johnson Syndrome · erythema multiforme, fever, malaise, mucosal ulceration (often 2° to infection or sulfa drugs)
Still’s Disease · juvenile rheumatoid arthritis (absence of rheumatoid factor)
Takayasu’s arteritis · aortic arch syndrome

· loss of carotid, radial or ulnar pulses

Tay-Sachs · gangliosidosis (hexosaminidase A deficiency ® GM2 ganglioside)
Tetralogy of Fallot · Ê VSD, Ë overriding aorta, Ì pulmonary artery stenosis, Í right ventricular hypertrophy
Tourette’s Syndrome · involuntary actions, both motor and vocal
Turcot’s Syndrome · adenomatous polyps of colon plus CNS tumors
Turner’s Syndrome · 45, XO
Vincent’s Infection · "trench mouth" - acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
von Gierke’s Disease · glycogen storage disease (G6Pase deficiency)
von Hippel-Lindau · hemangioma (or hemangioblastoma)

· adenomas of the viscera, especially renal cell carcinoma

von Recklinghausen’s · neurofibromatosis & café au lait spots
von Recklinghausen’s Disease of Bone · osteitis fibrosa cystica ("brown tumor") 2° to hyperparathyroidism
von Willebrand’s Disease · defect in platelet adhesion 2° to deficiency in vWF
Waldenstrom’s macroglobinemia · proliferation of IgM-producing lymphoid cells
Wallenberg’s Syndrome · Posterior Inferior Cerebellar Artery (PICA) thrombosis "Medullary Syndrome"

· Ipsilateral: ataxia, facial pain & temp; Contralateral: body pain & temp

Waterhouse-Friderichsen · catastrophic adrenal insufficiency 2° to hemorrhagic necrosis (eg, DIC)

· often 2° to meningiococcemia

Weber’s Syndrome · Paramedian Infarct of Midbrain

· Ipsilateral: mydriasis; Contralateral: UMN paralysis (lower face & body)

Wegener’s Granulomatosis · necrotizing granulomatous vasculitis of paranasal sinuses, lungs, kidneys, etc.
Weil’s Disease · leptospirosis
Wermer’s Syndrome · MEN type I (thyroid, parathyroid, adrenal cortex, pancreatic islets, pituitary)
Wernicke’s Aphasia · Sensory Aphasia impaired comprehension
Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome · thiamine deficiency in alcoholics; bilateral mamillary bodies (confusion, ataxia, ophthalmoplegia)
Whipple’s Disease · malabsorption syndrome (with bacteria-laden macrophages) & polyarthritis
Wilson’s Disease · hepatolenticular degeneration (copper accumulation & decrease in ceruloplasmin)
Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome · immunodeficiency: combined B- &T-cell deficiency (thrombocytopenia & eczema)
Wolff-Chaikoff Effect · high iodine level (- )’s thyroid hormone synthesis
Zenker’s Diverticulum · esophageal; cricopharyngeal muscles above UES
Zollinger-Ellison · gastrin-secreting tumor of pancreas (or intestine) ® ­ acid ® intractable ulcers

Hallmark Findings

Albumino-Cytologic Dissociation · Guillain-Barre (markedly increased protein in CSF with only modest increase in cell count)
Antiplatelet Antibodies · idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura
Arachnodactyly · Marfan’s
Aschoff Bodies · rheumatic fever
Auer Rods · acute promyelocytic leukemia (AML type M3)
Autosplenectomy · sickle cell anemia
Babinski · UMN lesion
Basophilic Stippling of RBCs · lead poisoning
Bence Jones Protein · multiple myeloma free light chains (either kappa or lambda)

· Waldenstrom’s macroglobinemia

Birbeck Granules · histiocytosis X (eosinophilic granuloma)
Blue Bloater · Chronic Bronchitis
Boot-Shaped Heart · Tetralogy of Fallot
Bouchard’s Nodes · osteoarthritis (PIP)
Boutonniere’s Deformity · rheumatoid arthritis
Brown Tumor · hyperparathyroidism
Brushfield Spots · Down’s
Call-Exner Bodies · granulosa cell tumor
Cardiomegaly with Apical Atrophy · Chagas’ Disease
Chancre · 1° Syphilis
Chancroid · Haemophilus ducreyi
Charcot Triad · multiple sclerosis (nystagmus, intention tremor, scanning speech)
Charcot-Leyden Crystals · bronchial asthma
Cheyne-Stokes Breathing · cerebral lesion
Chocolate Cysts · endometriosis
Chvostek’s Sign · Hypocalcemia facial spasm in tetany
Clue Cells · Gardnerella vaginitis
Codman’s Triangle · osteosarcoma
Cold Agglutinins · Mycoplasma pneumoniae

· infectious mononucleosis

Condyloma Lata · 2° Syphilis

· new coffee flavor at Bagel & Bagel

Cotton Wool Spots · HTN
Councilman Bodies · dying hepatocytes
Crescents In Bowman’s Capsule · rapidly progressive (crescentic glomerulonephritis)
Currant-Jelly Sputum · Klebsiella
Curschmann’s Spirals · bronchial asthma
Depigmentation Of Substantia Nigra · Parkinson’s
Donovan Bodies · granuloma inguinale (STD)
Eburnation · osteoarthritis (polished, ivory-like appearance of bone)
Ectopia Lentis · Marfan’s
Erythema Chronicum Migrans · Lyme Disease
Fatty Liver · Alcoholism
Ferruginous Bodies · asbestosis
Ghon Focus / Complex · Tuberculosis (1° & 2° , respectively)
Gower’s Maneuver · Duchenne’s MD use of arms to stand
Heberden’s Nodes · Osteoarthritis (DIP)
Heinz Bodies · G6PDH Deficiency
Hemorrhagic Urticaria · Henoch-Schonlein
Heterophil Antibodies · infectious mononucleosis (EBV)
Hirano Bodies · Alzheimer’s
Hypersegmented PMNs · Megaloblastic anemia
Hypochromic Microcytic RBCs · iron-deficiency anemia
Jarisch-Herxheimer Reaction · Syphilis over-aggressive treatment of an asymptomatic pt. that causes symptoms 2° to rapid lysis
Joint Mice · osteoarthritis (fractured osteophytes)
Kaussmaul Breathing · acidosis
Keratin Pearls · SCCA
Keyser-Fleischer Ring · Wilson’s
Kimmelstiel-Wilson Nodules · diabetic nephropathy
Koilocytes · HPV
Koplik Spots · measles
Lewy Bodies · Parkinson’s (eosinophilic inclusions in damaged substantia nigra cells)
Lines of Zahn · arterial thrombus
Lisch Nodules · neurofibromatosis (von Recklinhausen’s disease)
Lumpy-Bumpy IF Glomeruli · poststreptococcal glomerulonephritis
McBurney’s Sign · appendicitis (McBurney’s Point is 2/3 of the way from the umbilicus to anterior superior iliac spine)
Michealis-Gutmann Bodies · Malakoplakia
Monoclonal Antibody Spike · multiple myeloma this is called the M protein (usually IgG or IgA)


Myxedema · hypothyroidism
Negri Bodies · rabies
Neuritic Plaques · Alzheimer’s
Neurofibrillary Tangles · Alzheimer’s
Non-pitting Edema · Myxedema

· Anthrax Toxin

Notching of Ribs · Coarctation of Aorta
Nutmeg Liver · CHF
Painless Jaundice · pancreatic CA (head)
Pannus · rheumatoid arthritis
Pautrier’s Microabscesses · mycosis fungoides (cutaneous T-cell lymphoma)
Philadelphia Chromosome · CML


Pick Bodies · Pick’s Disease
Pink Puffer · Emphysema Centroacinar – smoking Panacinar - a1-antitrypsin deficiency
Podagra · gout (MP joint of hallux)
Port-Wine Stain · Hemangioma
Posterior Anterior Drawer Sign · tearing of the ACL
Psammoma Bodies · Papillary adenocarcinoma of the thyroid

· Serous papillary cystadenocarcinoma of the ovary

· Meningioma

· Mesothelioma

Pseudohypertrophy · Duchenne muscular dystrophy
Punched-Out Bone Lesions · multiple myeloma
Rash on Palms & Soles · 2° Syphilis


Red Morning Urine · paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria
Reed-Sternberg Cells · Hodgkin’s Disease
Reid Index Increased · chronic bronchitis
Reinke Crystals · Leydig cell tumor
Rouleaux Formation · multiple myeloma RBC’s stacked as poker chips
S3 Heart Sound · L®R Shunt (VSD, PDA)

· Mitral Regurg

· LV Failure

S4 Heart Sound · Pulmonary Stenosis

· Pulmonary HTN

Schwartzman Reaction · Neisseria meningitidis impressive rash with bugs
Simian Crease · Down’s
Smith Antigen · SLE (also anti-dsDNA)
Soap Bubble on X-Ray · giant cell tumor of bone
Spike & Dome Glomeruli · membranous glomerulonephritis
String Sign on X-ray · Crohn’s bowel wall thickening
Target Cells · Thalassemia
Tendinous Xanthomas · Familial Hypercholesterolemia
Thyroidization of Kidney · chronic pyelonephritis
Tophi · gout
Tram-Track Glomeruli · membranoproliferative glomerulonephritis
Trousseau’s Sign · visceral ca, classically pancreatic (migratory thrombophlebitis)

· hypocalcemia (carpal spasm)

These are two entirely different disease processes and different signs, but they unfortunately have the same name.

Virchow’s Node · supraclavicular node enlargement by metastatic carcinoma of the stomach
Warthin-Finkeldey Giant Cells · Measles
WBC Casts · pyelonephritis
Wire Loop Glomeruli · lupus nephropathy, type IV
­ AFP in amniotic fluid or mother’s serum · Spina Bifida

· Anencephaly

­ Uric Acid · Gout

· Lesch Nyhan

· Myeloproliferative Disorders

· Diuretics (Loop & Thiazides)


Most Common…

1° Tumor arising from bone in adults · Multiple Myeloma
Adrenal Medullary Tumor – Adults · Pheochromocytoma
Adrenal Medullary Tumor – Children · Neuroblastoma
Bacterial Meningitis – adults · Neisseria meningitidis
Bacterial Meningitis – elderly · Strep pneumoniae
Bacterial Meningitis – newborns · E. coli
Bacterial Meningitis – toddlers · Hib
Bone Tumors · Metasteses from Breast & Prostate
Brain Tumor – Child · Medulloblastoma (cerebellum)
Brain Tumor –Adult · Astrocytoma (including Glioblastoma Multiforme) then: mets, meningioma, Schwannoma
Breast Carcinoma · Invasive Duct Carcinoma
Breast Mass · Fibrocystic Change (Carcinoma is the most common is post-menopausal women)
Bug in Acute Endocarditis · Staph aureus
Bug in debilitated, hospitalized pneumonia pt · Klebsiella
Bug in Epiglottitis · Hib
Bug in GI Tract · Bacteroides (2nd – E. coli)
Bug in IV drug user bacteremia / pneumonia · Staph aureus
Bug in PID · N. Gonnorrhoeae
Bug in Subacute Endocarditis · Strep Viridans
Cardiac 1° Tumor – Adults · Myxoma "Ball Valve"
Cardiac 1° Tumor – Child · Rhabdomyoma
Cardiac Tumor – Adults · Metasteses
Cardiomyopathy · Dilated (Congestive) Cardiomyopathy
Cause of 2° HTN · Renal Disease
Cause of Addison’s · Autoimmune (2nd – infection)
Cause of Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia · 21-Hydroxylase Deficiency (then, 11-)
Cause of Cushings · Exogenous Steroid Therapy (then, 1° ­ ACTH, Adrenal Adenoma, Ectopic ACTH)
Cause of death in Alzheimer pts · Pneumonia
Cause of death in Diabetics · MI
Cause of Death in SLE pts. · Lupus Nephropathy Type IV (Diffuse Proliferative)
Cause of Dementia · Alzheimer’s
Cause of Dementia (2nd most common) · Multi-Infarct Dementia
Cause of food poisoning · Staph aureus
Cause of mental retardation · Down’s
Cause of mental retardation (2nd most common) · Fragile X
Cause of preventable blindness · Chlamydia
Cause of Pulmonary HTN · COPD
Cause of SIADH · Small Cell Carcinoma of the Lung
Chromosomal disorder · Down’s
Congenital cardiac anomaly · VSD (membranous > muscular)
Congenital early cyanosis · Tetralogy of Fallot
Coronary Artery thrombosis · LAD
Demyelinating Disease · Multiple Sclerosis
Dietary Deficiency · Iron
Disseminated opportunistic infection in AIDS · CMV (Pneumocystis carinii is most common overall)
Esophageal cancer · SCCA
Fatal genetic defect in Caucasians · Cystic Fibrosis
Female Tumor · Leimyoma
Form of Amyloidosis · Immunologic (Bence Jones protein in multiple myeloma is also called the Amyloid Light Chain)
Form of Tularemia · Ulceroglandular
Gynecologic malignancy · Endometrial Carcinoma
Heart Murmur · Mitral Valve Prolapse
Heart Valve in bacterial endocarditis · Mitral
Heart Valve in bacterial endocarditis in IV drug users · Tricuspid
Heart Valve involved in Rheumatic Fever · Mitral then Aortic
Hereditary Bleeding Disorder · Von Willebrand’s Disease
Liver 1° Tumor · Hepatoma
Liver Disease · Alcoholic Liver Disease
Location of Adult brain tumors · Above Tentorium
Location of Childhood brain tumors · Below Tentorium
Lysosomal Storage Disease · Gaucher’s
Motor Neuron Disease · ALS
Neoplasm – Child · Leukemia
Neoplasm – Child (2nd most common) · Medulloblastoma of brain (cerebellum)
Nephrotic Syndrome · Membranous Glomerulonephritis
Opportunistic infection in AIDS · PCP
Ovarian Malignancy · Serous Cystadenoma
Ovarian Tumor · Hamartoma
Pancreatic Tumor · Adeno (usually in the head)
Patient with ALL / CLL / AML / CML · ALL - Child / CLL - Adult over 60 / AML - Adult over 60 / CML - Adult 35-50
Patient with Goodpasture’s · Young male
Patient with Reiter’s · Male
Pituitary Tumor · Prolactinoma (2nd – Somatotropic "Acidophilic" Adenoma)
Primary Hyperparathyroidism · Adenomas (followed by: hyperplasia, then carcinoma)
Pt. With Hodgkin’s · Young Male (except Nodular Sclerosis type – Female)
Pt. With Minimal Change Disease · Young Child
Secondary Hyperparathyroidism · Hypocalcemia of Chronic Renal Failure
Sexually transmitted disease · Chlamydia
Site of Diverticula · Sigmoid Colon
Site of metastasis · Regional Lymph Nodes
Site of metastasis (2nd most common) · Liver
Sites of atherosclerosis · Abdominal aorta > coronary > popliteal > carotid
Skin Cancer · Basal Cell Carcinoma
Stomach cancer · Adeno
Testicular Tumor · Seminoma
Thyroid Cancer · Papillary Carcinoma
Tracheoesophageal Fistula · Lower esophagus joins trachea / upper esophagus – blind pouch
Tumor of Infancy · Hemangioma
Type of Hodkin’s · Mixed Cellularity (versus: lymphocytic predominance, lymphocytic depletion, nodular sclerosis)
Type of Non-Hodgkin’s · Follicular, small cleaved
Vasculitis (of medium & small arteries) · Temporal Arteritis
Viral Encephalitis · HSV
Worm infection in US · Pinworm (2nd – Ascaris)

Signature Drug Toxicities

Agranulocytosis · Clozapine
Aplastic Anemia · Chloramphenicol


· Benzene

Atropine-like Side Effects · Tricyclics
Cardiotoxicity · Doxorubicin

· Daunorubicin

Cartilage Damage in children · Fluoroquinolones (Ciprofloxacin & Norfloxacin)
Cinchonism · Quinidine
Cough · ACE Inhibitors
Diabetes Insipidus · Lithium
Disulfiram-like effect · Metronidazole

· Sulfonylureas (1st generation)

Extrapyramidal Side Effects · Antipsychotics (Thioridazine, Haloperidol, Chlorpromazine)
Fanconi’s Syndrome · Tetracycline
Fatal Hepatotoxicity (necrosis) · Valproic Acid

· Halothane

· Acetaminophen

Gingical Hyperplasia · Phenytoin
Gray Baby Syndrome · Chloramphenicol
Gynecomastia · Cimetidine

· Azoles

· Spironolactone

· Digitalis

Hemolytic Anemia in G6PD-deficiency · Sulfonamides

· Isoniazid

· Aspirin

· Ibuprofen

· Primaquine

Hepatitis · Isoniazid
Hot Flashes, Flushing · Niacin

· Tamoxifen

· Ca++ Channel Blockers

Induce CP450 · Barbiturates

· Phenytoin

· Carbamazepine

· Rifampin

Inhibit CP450 · Cimetidine

· Ketoconazole

Interstitial Nephritis · Methicillin

· NSAIDs (except Aspirin)

· Furosemide

· Sulfonamides

Monday Disease · Nitroglycerin Industrial exposure ® tolerance during week ® loss of tolerance during weekend ® headache, tach, dizziness upon re-exposure
Orange Body Fluids · Rifampin
Osteoporosis · Heparin

· Corticosteroids

Positive Coombs’ Test · Methyldopa
Pulmonary Fibrosis · Bleomycin

· Amiodarone

Red Man Syndrome · Vancomycin
Severe HTN with Tyramine · MAOIs
SLE-like Syndrome · Procainamide

· Hydralazine

Tardive Dyskinesia · Antipsychotics (Thioridazine, Haloperidol, Chlorpromazine)
Tinnitus · Aspirin

· Quinidine