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Ok all you 4th semesters out there, we've just posted our pharmacology notes online.  You can grab them at our new page - the rx-files.


Today was a busy day for Planetross.  We've added Buy & Sell and PlanetChat to our Forum page.  Dimpi and I are hosting a live chat session at PlanetChat on Thursday July 27th at 8 to 10 pm (EST) to answer questions and concerns from prospective and incoming students.  See you there!


Let there be light. Just today they have installed lights between the school and Coconuts. Now, if we only had power to run theses lights, that would really be something. In other news, to check out pictures of this semester's 5th semester banquet point your browser at: 5th Semester Banquet


Good news for the first semester kids...the lovely and talented Maura Lipp has been kind enough to provide us with her world famous Histology Practical Review.  There are actually 2 separate reviews, one for each practical exam.  For your viewing/printing pleasure...Maura's House of Histo


As you may have noticed, there have been a few changes around these parts.  We finally put a few pictures up and got the forums up and running.  You might find a few more mnemonics too.  Look for the Buy & Sell forum in the next couple of days.


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