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Darren: I'm Darren from Ottawa, Canada.  That's north of the border for all my American neighbours.  I finished a degree in engineering and another in Media Studies (a straight forward if not obvious approach to preparing for medical school) before splashing down at Ross.  While slightly unorthodox, I feel that my educational background has well prepared me for the adventures of medical school contained in these pages..
Dimpi: Yo yo yo...what it be.  This is Dimpi on the mike from Santa Cruz, California.  After finishing a biology degree at Santa Clara University, I moved to Compton to pursue my dream of being a gangsta rapper.  When that didn't pan friend Dr. Dre told me to check out a career in medicine at his alma mater, Ross University.  Now, thanks to Dre, I'm in my second semester and on my way to becoming   a doctor myself.

Darren: My goal, in co-authoring this site, it to provide an informational resource for students interested in Ross University from a perspective outside the traditional Science curriculum..
Dimpi: New instructors.  New school.  New country.  Coming down to Dominica to learn medicine definitely takes some adjustment.  I found that a few words of good advice can make the transition much easier.  Lucky for me, I had Tiny.   Since the rest of you are Tiny-less, Darren and I decided to put up a few notes that should help make your stay at Ross a bit more stress-free.  It's no subsitute for Tiny, but it's the best we can do.  Hope it helps.

Dimpi: First there was a big bang. Then the dinosaurs came. Then, in 1978, Robert Ross founded Ross University on the small nature island of Dominica. Now, more than 20 years and 2000 graduates later, Mr. Ross is a gazillionaire.
Darren: Not to mention that this place is always expanding. These guys can lay cinder block faster than anybody's business. Just the other day they built a three storey replica of Dr. Ross with a frown on his face and diamonds for his eyes.

Darren:  The island . . . hmm.  I've heard it being called the nature island of the Caribbean, the Rock, even Purgatory.  Any way you cut it just don't drink the water.
Dimpi: Welcome to the Rock.  (Or, as Sean Connery would say, "Welcome to the Wok.")  The island is called a part of the Windward group which also includes Guadeloupe and Martinique.  I think it used to be French or something.   Remember, it's DOmiNIca...NOT the Dominican Republic.  If you confuse the two, the locals are within their rights to stone you to death.

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